LeghornGroup has a very large portfolio of seals for increasing the level of security in the operations of the banking sector and of the transportation of valuable goods. We produce both traditional mechanical seals and more advanced ones equipped with RFID and NFC technology, which have been designed for specific security applications like sealing of important or confidential documents, cash handling or key management.

We also offer a wide range of security bags to move cash or internal bank correspondence. Security envelopes, security labels and tapes are available to uphold bank security in its daily operations. Particularly for the applications of cash / valuables-in-transit (CVIT) we have produced custom-specific  trolleys with very high resistance and great capacity.

In addition, our team of electronic and mechanical engineers, have conceived some special RFID security labels for banks that permanently get damaged or release write-offs if you try to remove them.
LeghonGroup has been supplying the banking sector for over 30 years and our customers are both Italian and European banks.

Thanks to in-house production facilities for seals specific for cash / valuables-in-transit (CVIT) and banking applications, LeghornGroup can guarantee fast deliveries and truly competitive prices. All of our sale staff have been trained to advise you on the best solution for every problem related to the management of documents or the handling of money.