LeghornGroup’s security seals are capable of protecting all types of goods transported by container, truck, plane, train.
They keep safe the content of bags, trolleys for duty-free, bags, safety cages or any other type of rigid box. Our security seals are perfect for water, gas and electricity meters. Once put in place, they protect against any tampering.

In the field of transportation by containers LeghornGroup have even five models of High Security Seal certified ISO 17712: 2013, two out of which are also in RFID technology. Continued investments by LeghornGroup have supported the development of new ideas in the field of security seals, thus solving problems to prevent tampering in various sectors such as Post Offices, Customs, Airlines, Catering, Transport of valuables, Banks, and every type of transport.

For forty years, we have always been attentive to all the needs of the market, which is in need of more and more sophisticated security seals such as electronic systems.
In this technology area we have patented and manufactured different types of seals both in active and passive RFID technology