First metal seals appeared in human history are surely lead seals, with their traces dating back to more than 3000 years ago. The lead seal is still widely used and often warranty seals are commonly identified with the term: “leads” “plomba”, “plomb”.
Lead seals are used together with twisted wire and appropriate pliers.
Other metal seals are all aluminum self-locking closures, both for use in food industry and more in general to close bags of various items.
Metal cable seals with aluminum body are also very used. These seals have a cable as closure system, whose diameter starts from 1 mm up to 5 mm. It ‘a very versatile security seal and shows great robustness.
Container bolt and bar seals also fall into the category of metal seals.
Bar seals in particular are the best product we can offer to prevent tampering action of a container.