LeghornGroup has patented many barrier security seals. One on the most well know is the FORKSEAL, which has been reprouced by other manufacturers  the world over. LeghornGroup’s technical team, focused on the the tamper protection of container doors created the first barrier seals, that are almost impossibile to tamper. Our barrier seals are made of high-strength steel construction. The actual locking mechanism  is embedded in the groove in the metal bush, making the seal stronger and more difficult to tamper.

Intermodal containers and shipping are the typical applications of those high security seals.
Installed on the locking rods of the shipping container doors to secure both doors, they are easy to install and require no special tools.
We normally produces 3+1 barrier seals: they have been independently tested and certified to ISO 17712:2013 as a high security seal.

The CARGO CLAMP is a very particular barrier seal. It works on 4 locking rods of the shipping container doors and with 2 bolt seals block independetly two opposing locking mechanisms. Each seal is packaged individually in a plastic transparent bag suitable for shipping, which simplifies the logistics of distributing individual seals.

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