For over 15 years LeghornGroup has invested millions of Euros in research to make electronic products in active and passive technology. As far as active electronic technology we design and manufacture reusable electronic security seals suitable for any transport mean.

Our basic electronic seal is e-LOCK STANDARD that generates random numbers each time it is closed. This number must be either stored by the driver for very fast control, or recorded on special transport registers to be checked upon arrival. If the number at the delivery point is different from the one registered then it means that the transportation mean was opened.

The flagship product of leghornGroup range of electronic seals is the e-LOCK GOLD because it combines several functions; it is able to send an alarm SMS in the case it is breached. It is based on GSM/GPRS and GPS technology. With this product, self standing and battery supplied,  the various functions of the means of transport can be tracked and controlled on-line.