Complementing the production and sale of its e-seals, electronic seals based on RFID technology, LeghornGroup can also provide a wide range of read / write devices for seals and auxiliary tags (bracelets, metal tags, etc. ).
With a wide range of professional hand-held terminals, fixed readers and completely HW / SW integrated gates – also equipped with antennas specifically selected according to the application and environment of installation – LeghornGroup answers all the demands of operators in the logistics and transport sector. E-seals, tags and readers provided, available in several frequency bands – HF and UHF – are fully complying with the requirements of the ISO standards and various international regulations regarding the use of the radiofrequency devices operating in the short-range.
Thanks to the team’s skills available in-house, LeghornGroup is also able to assist the customer in the process of system design, from the identification of the hardware to middleware, during installation, and finally in post sales support.