Identification wristbands by LeghornGroup are available in different materials, sizes and colors and can be easily customized. In particular, the Tyvek wristbands can be customized even in small quantities.
LeghornGroup has in stock a full range of wristbands that can be shipped the same day of your request. With customization, they can be shipped the next day.
We deliver best in class products with top quality service.

Identification wristbands are usually in Tyvek, plastics or vinyl, and we can supply them both as standard chipless product and as RFID or NFC wristband.
LeghornGroup division that supplies identification devices and systems can offer fully integrated solutions for using the identification wristbands at best, for applications in healthcare and medical services, in private events, sporting events, and entertainment in general.
Access control and presence management can be made easier and more secure thanks to the use of Leghorngroup identification wristbands.
If you are not sure which model can fit for your needs, one of our experts will be at your disposal to identify the best product or solution together.