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Security Seals and Tamper Evident products. CATALOGUES | CONSULTING

Dear Customer,

LeghornGroup is constantly striving to offer its customers top quality products, in both materials and production processes, respecting quality management systems in accordance to the standards of ISO9001:2015 specifications.

As a technological leader for its sector, LeghornGroup also offers products and solutions based on the latest generation of electronic technologies (RFID, IoT, smart sensing), for the relative complexity of which the customer may need qualified technical support in the phase following the product acquisition.

LeghornGroup provides customers with an after-sales technical assistance service – specifically for electronic products (seals and locks) – which they can contact for any doubt or specific support become necessary for a correct and efficient use of the purchased product.



The customer is invited to report a technical problem of interest or a possible malfunction of the product to the sales representative who followed the sale, who will take on some preliminary administrative checks and formally authorize the customer to forward her/his request to technical support by LeghornGroup.

Dedicated technical support responds only by email notification of the technical problem encountered. The email must be sent by the customer to [email protected] with an explanation of the problem and any audiovisual material supplied that can help better understand the issue.

The technical support reads the email, opens a ticket on the case (identification number of the case) and within 24 hours contacts the customer.



The technical support by contacting the customer will try to evaluate and possibly resolve the problem promptly (within about 15 minutes). This first type of support will be free of charge.

If our technicians instead estimate that it will take longer time to resolve the problem, they will communicate to the salesperson who follows the customer the effort and time they consider necessary for the successful intervention on the case and this effort will be invoiced to the customer according to the following fees (in force until December 2020):

senior technical hourly rate € 52.00 per hour
half-day consultancy activities Euro 250.00
consultancy activity 1 day € 400.00
1 day on site test activity Euro 550.00 + travel expenses
with travel expenses charged as follows:
mileage refund Euro / km 0.40
daily refund with overnight stay Euro / day 150.00
daily reimbursement without overnight stay Euro / day 50,00



We also remind our valuable customers that all our products are covered by one-year legal guarantee for any operating problems attributable to defects in materials or production and not to the not appropriate use made by the customer. This warranty applies for sales both in Italy and abroad.

In addition, for customers who want a more direct and timely assistance service, we can propose together with the purchase of electronic products, the purchase of a technical assistance package and product warranty extension (2 or 3 years) – to be quoted separately at when ordering and to be ordered together with the product.

If the device shows serious damage (for example mechanical breakage), the customer will be asked to return it at his own expense to our headquarters in Livorno, whatever the sales office (also abroad) that made the sale. At these premises it will be assessed whether the defect is actually attributable to the materials or the production of the goods and, at the unquestionable judgment of LeghornGroup, the piece will be repaired and returned or replaced. The shipping costs to the customer will be borne by LeghornGroup, which in this case will also reimburse those incurred by the customer to send the product back. Otherwise, the salesperson who followed the sale will be informed of the costs of a possible repair and she/he will forward the quote to the customer. If accepted by the customer, the goods will be repaired and shipped to the customer with the charge of the transport costs for the return.

If not accepted, the goods will be sent back as received, always with the charge of the transport costs for the return.



At the end of the assistance phase, technical support will close the ticket opened on the customer.

For any further information or clarification about the customer services offered by LeghornGroup, do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]