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Custom Security Tape

Coloured adhesive sealing tape for immediate identification from afar



Custom Security Tape

Custom security tapes of LeghornGroup are tear-proof!
Custom tapes are a great way to get your brand recognised. It is very important to produce adhesive tapes specifically designed to communicate in a very simple and effective way. Quality adhesive tapes differ from the others by their external printed aspect. The first impression makes the difference and can remain impressed and easily come to mind in the future. Our adhesive tape printing service is ideal for companies that want to give an extra boost to their packaging aspect.

We can supply custom printed tapes that are consistent with your brand to offer to your customer colored packages that represent your company with brightness and authenticity. For both small and big companies, details make the difference. By using a custom printed tape with your logo, your customer will surely identify your brand name. In fact, before opening the box, it is necessary to remove the tape. This action builds the basis for a first impression that must be as positive as possible.


Width: 50 mm (1” 31/32”)
Length: 50 m (1968″ 1/2″)


Polyester (PE)


Fluorescent Orange

custom security tape colours customizations


– It can be customized with your logo or any other printing upon request
– Customisation MOQ: 1.600 rolls


36 reels per carton
Carton size: 33 x 23 x32 cm (12” 63/64” x 9” 1/16” x 12” 19/32”)
Carton weight: 6,6 kg (14 lb)

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