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luciano grapsaPresident’s Statement

“The most important contribution that a company can offer to social progress is to manage its activities in the most efficient possible way. This means never loosing site of the values that are the foundation of any civil society. LeghornGroup has always been and continues to be engaged in activities that we believe are inseparable from our daily operations in the security sector, such as educational programs, donations and social commitment.”

Luciano Grapsa – President and CEO LeghornGroup srl

goals iconAIM

LeghornGroup’s main aim is to operate efficiently, lucratively and responsibly in the security and anti tampering sector.

LeghornGroup’s desire to be a focus point within this sector is supported by its strong commitment to manufacture and develop innovative and highly effective solutions.

responsibility iconRESPONSABILITIES

LeghornGroup srl has five major areas of responsibility:

  1. Towards its partners, protecting their investments and guaranteeing returns.
  2. Towards our customers, taking care of existing clients, developing relations with new customers and maintaining their loyalty by offering a variety of products and good value services in terms of price, quality, safety and minimal environmental impact.
  3. Towards it’s staff and employees, by respecting their rights and offering good working conditions, ensuring their full personal and professional satisfaction. Promote and make the most of their talent and ensure equal employment opportunity; encourage their staff’s involvement in the planning and management of their work and the daily application of the corporate vision and values.
  4. Towards all parties with whom the company establishes business relations. Ensure mutual benefits with contract partners and suppliers, and promote the application of these vision and values. The desire to promote these vision and values will be a determining factor in deciding whether to establish or maintain such relationships.
  5. Towards the community. Conduct its business as responsible members of society, respecting the legislations where here Leghorn srl operates. Expressing its support for fundamental human rights, in line with its legitimate role of private enterprise, paying attention to the health, safety and the environment, whilst showing commitment to sustainable development.