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Pull-Tight Plastic Seals with double Numbering FRISSO SEAL 2×315 mm

Adjustable plastic security seal. Printed with double numbering and  tear-off receipt



Pull-tight plastic seals with double numbering

Pull-tight plastic seals with double numbering

– Adjustable indicative plastic security seal
– Quick and safe application
– Metal insert for a higher level of security
– Possible pull-away tab for easy removal.

Plastic seals with double numbering may be useful for your applications since sometimes it is necessary to have the code and numbering proof of the seal used. Both numbering and customization of the seal will be obviously the same.

How to use it:

Once the seal has been closed in the proper way, the top part of the little flag can be removed and attached to the documentation by using a stapler. In this way, once goods arrived at destination, there will be a double check: the integrity of the seal and the matching of the numbering (on the seal used and on the corresponding flag part attached on the documentation).
Our plastic seal with double numbering, FRISSO SEAL, may also be manufactured with pull-away tab for easy removal without using any tool.



plastic seal frisso seal technical drawing


Diam: 2 mm (5/64”)
Length: 315 mm (12” 13/32”)
Flag: 22×50 mm (55/64″×1″ 31/32″)





plastic seal frisso seal colors customizations


– Thermal transfer
– Sequentially numbering (max 15 digits)
– Barcode possibility
– Customisation up to 20 digits on a line
– Logo printing upon customer’s request
– For special orders embossed logo printing


Average pull apart force less than 8,16 kg (17,98 lb)
Based on BS EN 1125


Cartons of 1.000 seals – in strips of 10 pcs
Carton dimensions: 56×34×20 cm (22” 3/64”×12” 63/64”×7” 31/64”)
Carton weight: 3 kg (6,61 lb)

How to use

A) Insert the tail of the FRISSO SEAL plastic seal into the holes of the door to be sealed.

plastic seal frissoseal how to use

B) Once this is done, insert the tail of the seal into the slot of the seal head.

plastic seal frissoseal how to use

C) Pull the tail of the seal vigorously until the holes in the door are tightened.

plastic seal frissoseal how to use

D) The head of the seal is double numbered. The upper part is detachable, to be used as a check coupon.

plastic seal frissoseal how to use

E) Il tagliando di controllo staccato dal sigillo di plastica FRISSO SEAL sarà poi allegato al documento relativo per eventuali ulteriori ispezioni.

plastic seal frissoseal how to use


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