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No residue UHF RFID VOID Tamper Evident Label

RFID label for secure identification



NO RESIDUE UHF RFID VOID TAMPER EVIDENT LABEL by LeghornGroup is a security label that features the special technical characteristics of permanently give evidence of a “VOID” message on the label back when attempting to remove it from the surfaces to which it has been attached.
In addition the label embeds an RFID UHF chip and antenna, thus providing automatic identification capabilities (contactless and not-in-line of sight readings on distance).

NO RESIDUE UHF RFID VOID TAMPER EVIDENT LABEL is a security label, of very simple application, which thanks to its mechanical and electrical characteristics operates as a real seal:

  • The adhesive for special use allows to apply the label easily and at the same time guarantees a tenacity for which in the event that it is opened it will reveal a VOID message, but will not leave any sticky residue on the surface of application. Easy to use, thereby preventing unauthorized (re) use (for example in applications of warranty seals)
  • The presence of an integrated UHF RFID chip is used to associate an unique serial number to the label: the tag is then read at distance and the object or vehicle that is associated to it is automatically recognized, for example using fixed or portable RFID readers.

NO RESIDUE UHF RFID VOID TAMPER EVIDENT LABEL mounts an electronic chip which has its own unique code and cannot be duplicated. This feature enables a secure and reliable automatic identification of the label, i.e. of the item associated with it.

The label face, in thermo-printable paper or PVC, can be customized by printing in white color logo, barcode or serial number.



  • Leaves no residue
  • High security
  • Sequential numbering



Radiofrequency communication

  • Frequency:        UHF 860 – 960 MHz
  • RF Standard:    ISO/IEC 18000-6; UHF EPC Global
  • Technology:      Passive; anti-collision
  • Tag:                  Alien H3
  • Read/Write User memory:  yes, 96 bits EPC, 512 bits User Memory, 32 bits TID
  • Password Protection:    yes
  • Read/Write cycles:        10000
  • Data retention:              10 years



  • Reading distance up to 5 m, writing distance up to 2 m (depending on the type of reader)
  • Quality: 100% performance tested


Mechanical specifications 

Dimensions: 93 x 36 mm
Material: Multilayer PET / Special sticker
Antenna: Copper
Operating temperature: -15 ° C / + 70 ° C
Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
Delivery of labels: Reel of 1000 or 2000 pieces / reel
Inner reel diameter: 76 mm
Reel weight: 1 kg



  • Dimensions on customer’s specification
  • Pre-printing with logo, barcode or serial number, according to the specified layout
  • EPC code initialization

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