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Tire RFID smart label

Tire rfid smart label



The adoption of RFID technology to identify tires brings numerous benefits at logistical, organizational and security level, and in safety and performance control.
LeghornGroup offers a rugged RFID label for automatic tire identification, which can be sealed in the inside of the tire itself with a special adhesive that allows strong tightness and reliable sealing for the entire life of the tire. When read from the outside through fixed or handheld instrumentation TIRE RFID SMART LABEL allows you to:

  •     Accurately identify tires by significantly improving their traceability throughout their life;
  •     Monitor tire performance (with particular reference to products intended for competitions or uses on special vehicles);
  •     Automate labeling, warehouse placement and tire identification for large distributors and tire shops;
  •     Improve the service provided for the renting of tire fleets, which today many distributors offer both on new, rescinded or rebuilt tires;
  •     Check the use and change of the tire train in vehicle fleets and ensure effective preventive maintenance to minimize the problem of vehicle stoppage.

The RFID tag for tires offered by the LeghornGroup is available in UHF operating frequency to allow easy operation and reading even on distance.

Protocol: EPC Class 1 Gen 2  ISO 18000-6C
Operating frequency: Global 860-960 MHz
Configuration: Loop + monopole



tire rfid smart label technical drawing


Antenna dimensions
Antenna size 65 x 29 mm (2” 9/16” x 1” 9/64”)
Die-cut size 70 x 35 mm (2” 3/4” x 1” 3/8”)
Web width 76 mm (2” 63/64”)


 Chip Available
EPC UID User memory  Data retention
NXP Ucode 7 128bit 64bit 20 years 10.000 cycles
NXP G2iL 128bit 64bit 20 years 10.000 cycles


tire rfid smart label data


Material Paper, PET, PP
Delivery Reel 2000 pcs
Quality 100% performance tested

How to use

tire rfid smart label how to use

tire rfid smart label how to use

tire rfid smart label how to use

tire rfid smart label how to use

tire rfid smart label how to use


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