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Adjustable length seal BAG SEAL 6×420 mm

Adjustable length plastic seal. Label size 27 x 71 mm



It is made of completely plastic material and can be RECYCLED. It is manufactured in single pieces and is composed of a lateral loop that can be useful for any tag. It is suitable for closing bags but also in the transport field, especially for trailers and sheeted vehicles.

We suggest to close the seal the closest possible to achieve the highest possible level of security.

We do not manufacture this model with the tear-off tag option.

In case you are looking for a seal with tear-off tag, you may choose one of the following two models:




plastic seal bagseal 6×420 mm technical drawing


Diameter: 6 mm (15/64”)
Length: 420 mm (16” 17/32”)


Copolymer propylene


plastic seal bagseal 6×420 mm colours customizations


– Thermal transfer
– Laser marking
– Sequentially numbering (max 15 digits)
– Barcode possibility
– Customisation up to 20 digits on a line
– Logo printing upon customer’s request
– For special orders embossed logo printing


Cartons of 1000 seals – not in Strip
Carton dimensions: 56 x 46 x 24 cm (22” 3/64” x 18” 7/64”x 9” 29/64”)
Carton weight: 5 kg (11 lb)
Seals can be provided also in bags of 100 pcs upon request

How to use

A) Insert the tail of the plastic Bagseal into the holes of the mean of transport you want to seal.

plastic seal bagseal how to use

B) Then insert the tail.

plastic seal bagseal how to use

C) Pull the tail to seal it properly.

plastic seal bagseal how to use

D) Use scissors or shears to remove the seal.

plastic seal bagseal how to use

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