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Aluminum palet cover Art: TD 005

Aluminum palet cover



Thermal pallet cover
(AL foil with high polymer film)

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly reflective foil insulation packaging solutions as an alternative to bulky solutions like polystyrene.

Our solutions are widely used to protect perishable food produce, Drinks, Pharmacuitical and electronics products where a cold or ambiant temperature or physical protection is required during transportation.

All of our major products are using VMPET(surface), it is stronger than pure Aluminum. Between VMPET and Aluminum,
it is our multi layer high polymer EPE, there is no glue between layers, environment friendly. Thermal conductivity: 0.028~0.035w/m.k.

Botton part 100x120x60H cm
( 3’ 3’’ 23/64 x 3’ 11’’ 15/64’’ x 1’ 11’’ 39/64’’ H)
Top part…. 100x120x120H cm
( 3’ 3’’ 23/64 x 3’ 11’’ 15/64’’ x 3’ 11’’ 15/64’’ H)

This product it is very strong, the thickness is from 6 to 8 mm
( from 15/64’’ to 5/16’’)

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