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India is Italy’s fifth largest trading partnering the EU

The future prospects for investment and trade are encouraging, as India is increasingly seen as an emerging economic power in the world and an important economic partner in Asia, both in terms of trade and investment, and as an alternative to their original interest in Eastern Europe.

The service industry has fueled India’s growth for decades, and has mitigated unemployment in the world’s second most populous nation.

To contain the virus, high-contact service jobs, from hotels, shopping malls or airlines were the first to collapse.

The coronavirus pandemic is now leading to calls for an urgent rebalancing of the economy towards production.

To support its spending, India needs jobs for its 986 million people of working age and to ensure productivity it will be the key to the lasting recovery of the third Asian economy from the pandemic shock.

The future prospects for investment and trade are encouraging.

Italy is the 13th largest foreign investor in India.

Many Italian companies are investing to produce in India such as the LeghornGroup which specializes in Rfid security seals.

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