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Needed certificates to be in good standing With the use of high security seals compliant with Iso 17712: 2013


There are several organizations that sell high security seals for containers, but they cannot offer all the necessary certificates together with the seal to demonstrate that the seal is suitable for the requirements.

In case of any dispute, your organization will legally be absolved from every attribution of blame if you can show all the necessary certificates of a high security seal for container.

In order that your company is sure of having purchased High Security Seals compliant with the requirements set by the standard ISO 17712:2013, and may consequently be considered released from any liability in case that any unexpected problem arise in the future, please make sure that your supplier will release all of the following certificates:

Certificate of Conformance For Freight Container Mechanical Seal Testing

In this certificate, the following information shall be clearly visible :

  • The Authority that carries out the test.
  • The manufacturer of the high security seal
  • Date of the test
  • The test results that certify the seal as ‘’HIGH SECURITY’’
  • The pictures of the seal
  • The signature of the supervisor that have carried out the test

This certificate concerns the seal.

The certificate guarantees that the seal has all the requirements of the ISO 17712:2013 standards.

* This certificate applies only to the product and is issued by laboratories qualified ISO 17025.

Declaration of an International Certification Body (e.g. SGS) certifying that the seal manufacturer has adopted best practices that ensure the compliance of the seal itself to the conditions set in Clause 6 of the standard ISO 17712:2013.

Clause 6 of the ISO 17712:2013 standard oblige the seal manufacturer to test, under their responsibility and in the presence of a Certification Body (ex. SGS), the seal’s resistance and some attempts at tampering.

The declaration is shall be accompanied by pictures and videos that show the resistance of the seal and some attempts at tampering.

This certificate covers the seal manufacturer and is an integral part of the product certificate referred to in point 1. Without this additional certificate the requirements of High Security Seals cannot be considered fully met.

Certification of the seal manufacturer’s Quality System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

This certificate covers the seal manufacturer.

The manufacturer of the seal must be UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.

This type of certificate is issued by a Certification Authority (ex. SGS) which attests the suitability of the seal Production and the Manufacturer internal processes that meet the ISO 9001 requirements.

If the above-mentioned certificate doesn’t exist, the seal Production cannot request the certificate of the seal ISO 17712:2013 ‘’Annex A’’.

Therefore, the three certificates offset each other and become an integral part in terms of using the high security seals safely.

Additional Certificates

LeghornGroup, in its constant attention to ensure the end customer, not only provides the necessary certificates for ISO 17712:2013 compliance as described above, but anticipates the customer’s needs by providing the following additional voluntary certification:

Uniqueness of the High Security Seal.

The statement which attests that any high security seal is sold without a unique numbering, name and identification number.

The statement which attests that the company keeps regularly a database that enables the traceability of any High Security Seal and where the following information are recorded :

Type of seal




The quantity placed on the market

Customer name

For further information :

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