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Janus Gate

RFID System designed specifically to monitor and manage the movement of containers that pass through a gate



JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF GATE is an «all-in-one» RFID UHF  – ISO 18000-6 (EPC Global) system designed specifically to monitor and manage the movement of containers that pass through it. It is able to monitor in a reliable and secure way the RFID e-Seals applied to the containers that enter terminals, ports and depots, by taking an automatic accurate reading of these passive (battery free) RFID seals.

rfid system janus gate examples of use

rfid system containers janus gate


JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF GATE  is made up of a reader and two antenna that are capable of reading the RFID e-seals regardless of their position or condition, distinguishing even between two containers that pass through simultaneously in adjacent lanes.

  1. RFID e-SEALS applied on the upper handles of the container
  2. RFID e-SEALS applied on the lower handles of the container
  3. RFID e-SEALS applied on the left or right hand side of the container
  4. RFID e-SEALS applied to containers positioned  with the doors towards the lorry’s cab
  5. RFID e-SEALS applied with the doors facing the opposite end  of the lorry’s cab

rfid system janus gate examples of useJANUS-GATE: UHF RFID  GATE

Is an RFID UHF  – ISO 18000-6 (EPC Global) able to read all types of RFID  seals (from any manufacturer).

For every lane  the JANUS-GATE: UHF RFID  GATE can read up to  2 RFID e-SEALS on the container that passes through it.

Every lane that must be checked  is managed by an  EPR FAST LANE STATION.

The average reading distances are:  6 m / 8 m (19 – 26 ft) Additional Optional Kits:
– Kit TEMP: kit designed for operating  at – 40 ° C a + 75 ° C
– Kit LED Alert: for local alerts using high intensity LED  and a loud buzzer

Main technical features


  • Advanced Detection Algorithm , for the accurate and efficient reading of the seals that pass through the gate
  • Lane Detection Firmware for identifying and reading of seals in adjacent lanes
  • Auto setting capability, for improving the readings regardless of the environmental conditions
  • Fast Mounting, for easy servicing set up and installation
  • Fault Tolerance Management System , for 24 hour continuity and service operations (optional)
JANUS-GATE: UHF RFID  GATE The system is able to support special configurations such as reading two RFID seals applied on two containers traveling on the same trailer.(in this situation the two containers should be positioned with the two doors opposite each other with a distance between them of at least 1m)

Main hardware Characteristics


Operating Frequency: 865-869 MHz, ETSI EN 302-208
Operating Protocol: ISO 18000-6C; EPC Class1 Gen2;
Antenna: Special Embededd antenna system
RF Power: Programmable via software up to +32.5 dBm (up to +30dBm if used with POE)
Reader power: POE IEEE802.3 or 24 Vdc, 0,8A via an external power source
Network power: 100-240 Vac, 50/60Hz
Communication ports: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ45)
Sensors: External photocells for trigger signal
Configuration address: DHCP, Static, LLA + mDNS
Environmental conditions: • Operating Temperature: -20°C + 50°C
• Stock Temperature: –20 °C +60 °C
Basic Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 100 mm (11″ 13/16″ x 11″ 13/16″ x 3″ 15/16″)
Weight: 3000 g (105,82 oz)
Certification: CE (FCC can also be supplied on request)
Housing: Metal and ABS
IP Protection: IP55


Management software: JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF  GATE

The  Management Software allows the RFID gates to be monitored and operated easily by the control staff. The main pieces of data that the system can manage are:

  • serial number of theRFID e-seals
  • identification of the gate
  • identification of the lane
  • date and time of the reading
  • number and reading of each individualRFID e-seals
  • sequential reading where a container is sealed with two e-seals or where there are two containers on the same trailer
  • the state of the security seal (e.g. TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED) valid for the containers fitted with the RFID NEPTUNE SEAL Anti tamper with special software .(optional)
  • generation of file log

The Management Software for JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF GATE can be installed on any  PC or SERVER that uses WINDOWS.To connect the PC with the Management Software and  the  JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF GATE  a LAN network Ethernet TCP/IP connection is required .

The JANUS-GATE: RFID UHF GATE can also be integrated with existing IT systems and structures.



Designed and manufactured by Leghorn Srl

Examples of use

rfid system janus gate examples of use

rfid system janus gate examples of use

rfid system janus gate examples of use


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