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RFID Tyvek Wristbands

One time use RFID wristband



LeghornGroup Tyvek® bands are the perfect method of identifying paying customers. Tyvek Wristbands can be used for nightclubs, crowd control, bars and hotels. They are also suitable for: restaurants, schools, day care centers, tour groups, crowd management, special concessions, catering, age ID, height restrictions, and any application where a visual mean of identification is needed.

Thanks to RFID (passive, available in HF operating frequency) persons who wear the wristband can be identified in a fast, safe and effective way, since the chip inserted into the wristband has a unique code that cannot be cloned.

Made of strong, waterproof, lightweight Tyvek®, wristbands comfortably adjust to any size and are easily applied with an adhesive strip.

The wristband can be customised to allow both an easy visual inspection and a possible operation of commercial marketing.



Chip Type: HF 13.56 MHz (FM11RF08, Mifare1K S50, Mifare1K S70, Ultralight, I-CODE series)
Mechanical: Material Tyvek
  Length 250 mm (9″ 27/32″)
  Width 19-25 mm (3/4″ – 0″ 63/64″)
  Color Blue, red, black, white, yellow, orange, green, pink
Electrical: Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
  Operating mode Passive (battery-less transponder)
Thermal:   Storage Temperature 0°C to +50°C
    Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C



rfid tyvek wristbands technical drawing


Width: 19 – 25 mm (3/4″ – 0″ 63/64″)
Length: 250 mm (9″ 27/32″)



rfid tyvek wristbands


1.000 per carton
Carton size: 28x21x5 cm (11″ 1/32″ x 8″ 17/64″ x 1″ 31/32″)
Carton weight: 0,8 kgs (1 lb)

Examples of use

rfid tyvek wristbands examples of use

rfid tyvek wristbands examples of use

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