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UHF Reader/Writers

Short range multi tag Reader/Writer, for transponders and smart labels



Short range multi tag Reader/Writer, for transponders and smart labels. Suitable for using in many different applications within the field of sales, tracking, logistics, security and industry.


– HF 13,56 MHz
– Protocol HF – ISO 15693
– UHF 860 – 960 MHz
– Protocol UHF – EPC Class1 GEN2
– Anti collision function – Reads multiple labels
– PC and notebook connection
– Optical signal, tone and vibration for reading activation
– Maximum indicative reading distance 20 cm HF – 60 cm UHF
– Available with RS232 / USB / Bluetooth communication interface.


Reader/writer with built in mid-range / long-range arial with superior settings for reading at distance. Suitable for reading UHF tags, and can be integrated into the industrial, logistics, processing, automation and retail sectors.


– UHF 860 – 960 MHz
– UHF – EPC Class1 GEN2 Protocol
– Anti Collision Function –Multiple reader of the tag
– Ethernet 10/100 base T (RJ45) or integrated Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g Communication
– Built in single arial, circular patch polarsation
– Maximum indicative reading distance up to 3 metres for the  mid-range version and up to 8 metres for the long-range version with external arial

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