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Half-yearly container traffic record in New York – New Jersey port

Half-yearly container traffic record in New York – New Jersey port. In the first part of this year, the American port has set its own new half-yearly container traffic record, by handling in the first six months of 2021 more than 4,39 million TEU with an increase of  +30,6% compared to last year half-yearly period.

In terms of containers quantity, there has been an increase of 175 thousand TEU compared to the last peak which dates back to the second half of 2020.

New records have been set also during June 2021.

Last June, the port of New York – New Jersey has handled  749.000 TEU, with an increase of  +46,6% compared to June 2020.

The traffic peak for the month of June has been achieved thanks to the handling of full landing containers and empty containers.

Basically, there has been a container handling of 387.000 full TEU (+46,5%) and 250.000 empty TEU (+67,0%).

We need to take into consideration that handling empty containers in this period has raised this data:  747.000 TEU (+48,3%). The containers full to the boarding were 699.000 TEU (+6,0%).

The management of empty container traffic is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

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