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Bolt-lock type High Security electronic seal working with active RFID technology



LEGHORNGROUP  has been dedicated to designing and producing mechanical security seals for the logistics sector. The dynamic company has a rich and well cultured background in anti tampering systems and the best means to tackle and prevent tampering or pilferage to your goods.

LEGHORN’s management team, aware of the importance of investing in projects that include electronic technology  have spent the last 10 years developing and expanding their current range of products. The latest products manufactured in house combine the traditional methods of mechanical tamper prevention with the most modern usage of RFID technology.

LEGHORN is proud to present their first single use active Rfid seal.

MENTORSEAL is an innovative seal that combines the high security of an ISO 17712:2013 approved seal, with the technical features of an active device that uses Radio frequency to automatically identify the container and/or vehicle.

The primary security  function of the seal is integrated with the possibility of improving the logistics  flow by keeping track of the container.

MENTORSEAL can be read with  static gateway readers of handheld portable readers, that are equipped with the relevant reading module of the seal- operating on a double frequency 433 MHz -2.45 GHz.

Thanks to the presence of active RFID , the seal can communicate over significant distances (e.g. over 15m).

The seal is characterised by it’s own unique Identification code. Furthermore as it is a single use seal its pricing is extremely competitive.

Some of the main innovative features of  MENTORSEAL are:

  • Guaranteeduniquenessof the coupling betweenthe head of theseal with thepinand barrel
  • Timestamp of when the seal is “born” stored in the memory;
  • Timestamp of when the seal is closed stored in the memory;
  • Timestamp of  the opening /or tampering of the seal stored in the memory.

electronic bolt security seal rfid mentorseal active

DATA COMMUNICAITON: Any data received from MENTORSEAL using a hand held reader can be downloaded to a server whilst offline or alternatively online using WiFi or GPRS; If working with a fixed reader it can be connected to a PC via an Erthernet communication interface.


TRACEABILITY:  MENTORSEAL can store in its memory 15 Log  and the container ID.
This allows the user the trace the logistics flow of the container using the information received.


READING DISTANCE: MENTORSEAL  can be read at a distance of over 15 m by way of  “Contact reading” or “in line of sight”, allowing the reading to be taken whilst the container is in transit and speed up the security operations.


Radio Frequency specification
Frequency 4.33 MHz / 2.45 GHz
Reference RF Standard ETSI EN 300-220 / ETSI EN 300-440
RF Protocol Proprietary of the manufacturer
Technology Active RFID
Mechanical specification
Material Steel + ABS or polystyrene in accordance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) listed in the European Directive 2002/EC.
Industrial Protection IP66
Operating Temperature – 20°C / + 60 °C
Storage Temperature – 55°C / + 125 °C
Electronic Part Size (flag) 64 x 50 x 40 mm
Metal pin size 8 mm diameter – lenght mm 74
Bolt size 32 mm diameter – lenght mm 40
Weight 135 g
ISO 17712:2013 yes
Package size 32 x 25 x 10 cm
Package weight 4 kg
Package number seal for box 24 pcs
Personalization serial number Yes
Personalisation logo Yes on request
Electronic specification
Reading distance handheld reader 12 m
Reading distance gate reader 20 m
Battery Yes (3V)
Memory read / write Yes
Cycle read / write 100.000
Memory size 1 Kbyte
Password protection yes
Tamper Detection yes
TID (tag unique identification) yes
S/N in memory the same normal seal yes
RTC (real time clock system) yes
Record in memory timestamp seal closed yes
Record in memory timestamp seal tamper yes
Record in memory timestamp log event yes
Unique  association between pin and bolt yes
Lifetime if seal is active (electronic part) 1 year
Integration with handheld reader Libraries available
Integration with gate reader Libraries available




rfid mentorseal active technical drawing



rfid mentorseal active colors customizations

How to use

A) Insert the nail of the MENTORSEAL electronic seal in the appropriate hole of the container handle and present the slot of the second piece of the seal in correspondence with the nail.

rfid mentorseal active how to use

B) Insert the nail into the slot of the second piece of the MENTORSEAL electronic seal and press firmly until you hear a click.

rfid mentorseal active how to use

C) From this moment on, the MENTORSEAL seal is closed and its electronic parts have activated.

rfid mentorseal active how to use

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