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Seals for pallets PALLET SEAL

Plastic seal for pallets



The ”PALLET SEALS” is a plastic tag that guarantees the following informations:

  1. All fitosanitary codes
  2. Consequential numbering and eventual name of the producer and/or the repairer
  3. Furher space that can be filled by the producer and/or the repairer with regards to the production lots or everything necessary
  4. Available with barcode
  5. It can be produced in 4 pieces with the same numbering to attach them to all sides of the pallet
  6. IF NECESSARY: it’s possible to insert an electronic component (RFID) that can give and receive information through a reader

Further characteristic of the system:

  1. It can be produced with “pre-cut” or weakenings that break if try to remove or tamper it
  2. There’s no possibility to find it on the market: it has mad only by authorized producers, which have made investments for the realization of the die
  3. Keeping of a data base by the producer that guarantees the uniqueness of the seal

P.S.  a) the system is patented

  1. b) tha name of the system isPALLETSEALS
  2. c) the name PALLETSEALS is registered.


– Thickness: 4 mm (5/32”)
– Label: 30×65 mm (1” 3/16” x 2” 9/16”)


In accord con: Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) listed in the European Directive 2002/EC.


– Sequenced numbering up to 15 digits
– Bar-code possibility
– Customised up to 20 characters on one line
– Logos available upon request
– For special orders, logo printing in relief

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