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Prevention of pollution

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships introduces requirements to regulate the air pollution being emitted by ships.

The Annex ‘’VI’’ of the MARPOL convention addresses the issues of prevention of air pollution from ships.

Air pollution international requirements set limits for nitric oxide (NOx) and marine fuels with a lower sulphur content are to be used.

The environment and human health are the main objective, together with the reduction of the ozone pollution that may cause smog and worsen asthma.

  • Annex VI provides that ALL THE GOVERNEMENT CONTROL UNITS will work jointly to enforce the provisions of Annex VI.
  • Efforts made to comply with Annex VI and its applications include also the supervision of refuelling marine points, the inspection of supplies and the fuel check that must the standards.
  • In the light of the above, all the ships that deal with or provide bunkering must preserve 1 sample litre for each bunkering for at least one year and each sample must be sealed.

Seals with RFID technology

UHF RFID ANCHORFLAG is a wire security plastic seal with UHF RFID TAG. Completely transparent plastic seal. The transparent plastic permits the integrity control of the locking mechanism. NFC tag is available upon request.

WINDSHIELD TAG of LeghornGroup is the ultimate solution for adhesive UHF RFID security label, designed for application on glass surfaces, such as the windshield of vehicles. Thanks to the particular antenna realization and to the special adhesive used, the label is damaged irreversibly if you try to remove it from the surface to which it is applied. It is particularly suitable for secure automatic identification function in application of vehicle access control and parking management.

The adhesive for special use allows to apply the label easily and at the same time guarantees a tenacity for which the label is damaged permanently in an attempt to remove it, thereby preventing unauthorized (re) use (for example in applications of controlled access);

Rfid security label

Prevention of pollution: different sealing methods

Traditional seals

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